March - 22 - 2019

Happy Spring, Crossroads!

Go ahead, take a moment to pat yourself on the back and whisper quietly, “Way to go, I survived the winter of 2019.” It was a memorable winter!

Talking about memorable, I still remember a Crossroads Missions Trip I went on to Playa Del Carmen over a decade ago. The weather was hot. The work was hard—we were building another level on top of an existing church building. It involved lots of blocks and cement. We mixed the cement by hand and carried it up in buckets to the 2nd level.

Have you ever tried to carry wet cement in 5 gallon buckets up a ladder? In the heat?

Am I enticing you to go on Crossroads Missions Trip to MX?!?

Don’t answer that…yet. We got a break midweek to kick back for a day on the beach. I remember renting a beach chair and umbrella overlooking the ocean. Included with it was being waited on (served) all day long for food and drinks.

I know that sounds like utopia, but I actually couldn’t wait to get back to the buckets of cement the next day. Sitting on the beach was fun but serving with a team of others who were making a difference for the sake of others was MORE fun. It was, to make up a word, funnerest.

We’re in a series called The Best Seat in the House right now. We’re learning all about getting out of our seats and serving and finding significance along the way.

This weekend, I get to bring the series to a close. I can’t wait. It’s going to be a powerful weekend. And, yes, we’ll give you another opportunity to step into volunteering. IF you’re wanting to do something NOW, you can go to, click on the SERVE tab, and let us know where you’d like to serve.

Thanks for stepping up! See you this weekend,

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