December - 13 - 2019

Hey Crossroads family!

I hope you’re staying sane even though winter has its nasty grip on us. If you’re losing the positivity battle and need a little good news, stay tuned!

Can a church in a single weekend (on top of its regular giving) raise enough money through ornament sales to reach its goal of providing 10,000 Newborn Kits for women and children in Madagascar?

Let’s be honest, the goal was a B.H.A.G.—big, hairy, audacious goal. We were “swinging for the fences”. We did feel the goal was appropriate. Providing motivation for pregnant women to get the prenatal care they need through the giving of Newborn Kits was a worthy cause.

And (drum roll), we hit our goal!!

Over $30,000 in ornament sales and donations came in across our campuses.

Now, women in Madagascar who are 20 times more likely to experience complications in birth, will have an incentive to travel long distances to receive prenatal care. All because of your generosity.

A big thanks to Global Health Ministries for leading the way and allowing us to partner with them. And, an even bigger thanks to all of you who attended last weekend and enabled us to reach our goals.

It was a great kick-off to our Christmas series and an even better ending to the message from the Beatles song Help.

This weekend we move on to the next song on our playlist with is Eleanor Rigby. A song for the sad. A lament for the lonely. Thankfully, Jesus’ coming to earth addresses this problem which is widespread. It’s going to be a GREAT weekend! A weekend you won’t want to miss.

Lastly, Christmas is less than 10 days away. For a list of all 20 of our Christmas services, go to and click the Christmas banner!

Grateful for you,

Pastor Phil

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