January - 17 - 2019

Hey Crossroads!

Have you missed me? Are you thinking right now, “Has he been gone?” Yes, I’m on the last leg of my vacation (and loving every moment of it)!

Today I have staff news to share. As I’ve said in the past, staff transition is a given. In “church world” the averages are shockingly low when it comes to tenure at a given church (2-3 years is normal for a staff member to stay before leaving). Thankfully, our averages are much higher.

But, as you might guess, we have had a long-term staff member resign this week. It’s our Eagan Campus Pastor Marcy. Marcy has struggled for awhile with her role at Crossroads. We have talked very openly about it. Then, after this past weekend, Marcy (in her own words) had a breakthrough. She felt God’s Spirit telling her it was time to step out and do something new.

Which is exactly what she’s doing—stepping out in faith and saying, “OK God, what’s next?”

I admire her courage.

She will leave a huge gap at the Eagan Campus. She is greatly loved and respected. On our staff, Marcy is the life of the party. Her laugh, energy, passion, silliness, impulsiveness, compassion, and love will be greatly missed.

Here are Marcy’s words to all of you:

“This past Sunday we closed the service with a song Breakthrough . While working on my sermon, about sensing the Holy Spirit, and listening to the words of that powerful song, I was overwhelmed by a sense that God needed me to finally make a huge leap of faith that He’s put before me for a while now.

After much prayer, seeking wise counsel, and overwhelming confirmation from the Holy Spirit, I have submitted my resignation as the Crossroads Eagan Campus Pastor, effective immediately, in order to begin preparing for whatever it is God has next for me.

My Crossroads family has been there through it ALL. You’ve believed in me and walked with us when our family needed you the most. We are thankful that this isn’t a final goodbye, we will still be living in Apple Valley and my kids will likely be attending CR Youth. I wish I could sit with each of you and tell you how you have blessed our family.

It feels a lot like my family’s Angels Landing hike right now, I can’t wait to see what God has in store for Eagan and my family. Please pray for my family and the amazing people of the Eagan Campus of Crossroads as we embrace this new chapter.”

As someone has said, We don’t always know the future, but we do know Who holds the future. We ask God’s blessing upon Marcy and her family and on the Eagan Campus during this time of transition.

On to brighter news: Jonathan Maley will be speaking this weekend!! He is one of our brightest young leaders, and you’re going to be glad you showed up at one of our campuses.

Grateful for you,

Pastor Phil

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