February - 14 - 2019

Happy Valentine's Day, Crossroads!!

Sometimes the amazing CR Communications Team suggests an idea for me to write about. For this edition of Out of Print, the suggestion was to write either “about love (since it’s Valentine’s Day) or baptism (since we have a baptism weekend coming up February 22-23)”.

After a few seconds of thought, I decided to lump them together. What? Baptism and love? Yep, baptism and love go together like mac and cheese…or peanut butter and jelly.

Love is what prompted God the Father to send Jesus to our planet to be our Savior. Love, not nails, held Jesus’ body to a cruel cross. Love is why sinners like us can be forgiven and adopted into God’s forever family.

And love is the reason we respond by stepping into the waters of baptism. Love, not a free t-shirt, is what motivates us to public proclaim that Jesus is our Forgiver and Leader by being immersed in water.

After all, love makes us do loony things. Like placing our faith and hope in an unseen Savior. Like gathering together with other Jesus followers for an hour on a weekend. Like giving sacrificially of our time, talents, and treasures. Like taking relational risks in inviting others to come and sit with us at a weekend service.

It’s all about love.

If you’ve yet to be baptized, will you take that loving next step? Will you do it in response to the loving step God took on your behalf? Go to and click on the BAPTISM tile. There you will find 3 short instructional videos (one has Erik Anderson with hair!!!) to watch and a link to sign up.

Take. The. Plunge.

Lastly, know this—you are LOVED—by God and all of us on staff here at Crossroads!!

Hope to see you this weekend,

Pastor Phil

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